Mission Statement:

Kid Flowers - St Paul UCC Church Hermann MOTo worship God as made known in the Scriptures, as revealed in Jesus Christ, and as encountered through the Holy Spirit;

To love and serve our members, our community of Hermann and our world, working in faithful witness toward justice and peace for all people along with other surrounding churches.

Outreach - St Paul UCC Church Hermann MO
To educate people of all ages toward a deeper understanding of their individual faith pilgrimage, their relationships with others, and their responsibilities as stewards of God’s created order;

To grow in fellowship as the Body of Christ, inviting others to share in the Good News of God’s love.

We Envision a Church That:

  • Offers worship that moves beyond the “traditional” to celebrate God;
  • Offers programs and opportunities that enable all who desire to grow spiritually and live fulfilling lives;
  • Lives beyond the physical walls of our building INTO our community through caring, sharing and outreach;
  • Is welcoming to all and accepting of differences;
  • Will minister to and walk its members through life’s storms;
  • Will embrace the future of the church.