We welcome everyone to join in Sunday morning worship services and to become part of our congregation.

Listed below are frequently asked questions about membership in our church. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance.

How do I join St. Paul?

Contact Church Secretary Fay Scheible and she will help you with the next step. You may also indicate your interest in membership on the card located in the pew rack. You will be welcomed into the congregation during a Sunday morning worship service.

Belief Requirements

We see ourselves as a progressive Christian church which respects the individual’s spiritual journey and the integrity of that journey. We take the Bible seriously, but may not all take it literally. We celebrate two sacraments, baptism and communion. Sunday morning worship is central to the life of the church, and members are encouraged to attend regularly.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

Regular attendance of worship services makes a spiritual journey more meaningful. Members should support St Paul with their time, talent and treasure and through input at the annual congregational meeting.

Giving Requirements

Our Constitution requires one recordable gift per year. Members of the congregation support the ministry and mission of the church to the degree that they are able.

Do I have to join to be a part of the community?

Although membership is not required, your experience will be deeper and richer having made the commitment.

Are children eligible for church membership?

Children are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the ministry of St Paul and our Sunday morning worship.  They do not become voting and communicant members of the congregation until after being confirmed.

How do I meet people in the church?

St Paul has a wide range of activities, which are announced in the weekly Sunday morning service bulletins and the church newsletter, the Hilltop Herald. The Hilltop Herald is available through email or mail. Groups are open and eager to have new participants.