Here are several testimonials from our church members here in Hermann that have seen the fruits of our mission and vision.

“…We just felt very welcome. I did not grow up going to many churches, but was always drawn to them. I was just amazed by everything there. I wanted to give my kids something that I didn’t have, and wanted them to grow up with a church family. I was drawn to St. Paul because of the Sunday school classes, sense of belonging and family….”


“…The fact that Sunday services are still set aside for the Lord, I feel is important for my children to grow up knowing as I did. Everyone is genuinely concerned for each others well being and are interested in one another. We all enjoy each others company. In all of life’s chaos, I can at least know that hour of my week was well spent on friends…”


“…. I love the sermons, and have gotten close with several members. I feel I belong now, and I really needed that. Thank you =) …”


“…. I was a new kid in town and it didn’t take long to make lots of new friends at St. Paul. Women’s Fellowship and the Quilters are some of my favorite people in the world! …”


“…. We felt like it was a good fit for us and that we could belong there. We love the people, the church, what it stands for and the feeling of belonging to a family we get when we attend services and events. It is just the perfect fit for us. …”


“…. St. Paul is a place that you can feel connection with others even if you don’t know them well. We grow in faith as we support the faith of others. Gene and I love the adult Sunday school services where we really feel free to share. …”